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Is Hiring a Professional Organizer Really Worth It?

Paying out of pocket for a service can be tough, especially if you struggle with finances. In this post, I will help you decide if it’s a mess you can handle on your own or if it’s time to make the investment in organization that will bring you peace.

Home organizing and professional organizer

Plan to Stay Organized

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. Do you have a plan to keep your home or office organized after the initial declutter? If the answer is yes, then you are good to go. If the answer is no, you may want to consider bringing in someone to help you.

Motivated or Overwhelmed

One of the most difficult tasks to complete is one that you are not motivated to do. The difficult part about organization is that if you don't have a system in place, your home or office can quickly become a clutter zone that is impossible to keep clean and tidy.

If you are feeling unmotivated or if you have anxiety around your organizing project, then it's time to get some advice. An organizer will help you break your large project into smaller, achievable steps that can easily be accomplished and maintained.

Remember, an organized space is easy to maintain once a great system has been put in place.

Hiring a professional organizer

Free Schedule or Busy Life

Another important aspect to consider is how much time you have in your schedule. Can you clear out a block of time to tackle your project?

If you can take time off to declutter and organize your space, even asking friends and family for help, then you can accomplish your goal.

If you have a busy life and don't have the time to work on your project, then it makes sense to hire a professional organizer to help you.

  • An organizer will work alongside you for decluttering, making the process smooth and seamless.

  • They will help you bring donations to local centers and assist with trash removal.

  • Together, you will decide what organizing style works best for you and what storage systems fit your style.

  • They will help make suggestions for how to simplify everyday tasks.

  • An organizer will help you continue to keep your home or office organized by evaluating what is working for you.

Making the Decision

The best way to decide if a professional organizer is right for you is to have a free consultation. When an organizer sees your space, they can help you decide what would work best within your budget to declutter and organize your space.

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