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Is A Virtual Organizing Session Right For Me?

Why Starting With Virtual Organizing Can Jumpstart Your Decluttering Sessions and Help You Maintain Your Organized Space

Are you the type of person that prioritizes privacy and likes to do the 'hands-on' part of the work yourself? Would you like the focus of an organizing session to be on the skills that help you maintain your space? If the answer to these questions is, 'Yes!' then virtual organizing is meant for you and your space.

There are so many benefits to virtual organizing. Just to name a few, you have the ability to:

  • Work with a Certified Organizational Specialist from anywhere in the United States, location is not a barrier to excellent service

  • Work within a smaller budget to create smaller, achievable goals

  • Work privately in your home or office without showing anything that you want to keep confidential

  • Work in a series of sessions tailored to help you learn your best organizational style

  • Receive personalized recommendations for storage solutions

  • Have the the option to receive assistance in ordering and scheduling delivery for products

  • Work on shorter sessions to facilitate maintenance much more easily

  • Schedule sessions around your family life and even include your family members to help everyone learn to organize more efficiently

But what is Virtual Organizing? Virtual organizing is a process for getting organized through the use of telephone, email, photographs, Zoom Video Conference, FaceTime, or other technology. It's just like having a professional organizer in your home with you except they're connecting with you and instructing you along the way via phone or video chat. Many clients prefer to organize virtually for many reasons, but the one we hear most often is that it works better for your schedule.

So what does Virtual Organizing look like?

Your session starts with an introductory phone call to set your organizing goals. From there, our staff of Certified Organizational Specialists™ works alongside you via technology to coach you through your declutter and organizing session.

  • We can help recommend storage solutions and products that fit your budget and style.

  • We give you one-on-one guidance on what to declutter and how to store and contain items.

  • We plan sessions so that you are left with a clean, organized space that accomplishes your overall goals.

  • We can design maintenance plans to keep you on track.

  • We help you schedule sessions in smaller increments and maximize your spending within a smaller budget.

Interested in learning more about Virtual Organizing? Reach out to us for more information and we can get started!

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